Carbs in Wine & Bottle Styles: Wine Wizard

QRecently I had an inquiry from a diabetic in regards to the amounts of carbs, sugars and calories in dry white and red wines made from concentrated kits. In calling the manufacturers, they were unable to answer these questions, even after talking with their chemist. In this day and time, more folks are interested in this data. Could you possibly shed some light to this inquiry? Your answer will be greatly appreciated. Tom BurgissLaurel Springs, North Carolina AYour question is a good one and one that is easily answered. Whether made from a kit, from non-grape fruit or made from grapes, a typical 5-oz (approximately 150-mL) glass of dry red or white wine with an alcohol content of 12% typically has about 100 calories and between 1.5–3.0 grams of carbohydrates (as tallied by proponents of low-carb diets such as Dr. Atkins). The number of calories and carbs will change based on the alcohol percentage of the wine and the amount that you drink. An easy calculation to find out how many calories you imbibe is to take the alcohol percentage