Copper Sulfate Solutions: Wine Wizard

Q How do I get copper sulfate in accurate diluted food grade form? I would like to treat 5 gallons (19 L) of stinky fruit wine to get rid of the rotten sewer smell. Michael Seckora Hillsboro, Oregon A Copper sulfate solution is one of those winemaking tools that seems to be tough for home winemakers to lay their hands on. It is often used, as you mention, for the treatment of wines affected by “rotten sewer” or a “rotten egg” smell. I think that it’s difficult to find because, luckily, it’s one of those chemicals that most of us only have to use once in a very long while. Check with your local winemaking supply shop to see if they stock copper sulfate crystals. One good, reliable source for copper sulfate crystals, as well as 1% and 10% solutions pre-made, is Vinquiry, a wine and wine lab supply house and analytical service provider out of California. They can be contacted at Vinquiry, 7795 Bell Road, Windsor, California 95492 or by phone at (707) 838-6312. As with any wine additive,