Red Wine Fermentation Considerations

When I was assigned the story detailing the decisions that come up during red wine fermentations, I began to block out the options and decision trees that occur before, during, and after fermentation.  As I finished the decisions that I considered important, I realized that suggesting best practices was very difficult from a single voice in the wine industry. These decisions are personal, and many of them will impact style, flavor, aroma; in other words, I may have to admit that there are no “right” answers. There are only right answers for you, and you will not know what they are until you are educated and experienced. I can’t help with your own experience in your vineyard and winery, but I can invite you into my world, and that of winemaker and “Advanced Winemaking” columnist’s Alex Russan, and see what we can teach you from our successes and mistakes. I first asked Alex if he had 30–45 minutes for a phone call to debate some of these practices that we will detail in this article. But in a COVID-19 world