Older Digital Replica FAQ

Can I still use the older WineMaker apps to read the digital replica editions?

We will keep the older apps for WineMaker active during a transition period of a few months into the end of 2018. However, the last digital edition we have added to the older apps is the August-September 2018 issue. Starting with the October-November 2018 issue all new WineMaker digital editions will only be available as part of the new upgraded Digital Membership. We’ve brought over all the content from the past WineMaker digital editions that were available on the older apps dating back to 2012. Those article have been broken out into individual pages so you won’t lose any content after our older apps are phased out. Every piece of content that was available to you through the older apps and digital editions is here on this site and searchable for you in a cleaner, more usable, and upgraded format.

How do I purchase a digital replica subscription?

It is no longer for sale.  Join our Digital Membership!