Date: Apr-May 2005

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Flat & Sweet: Wine Wizard

, QMy pear wine is watery and flat, I have already bottled it. Is there anyway to save it? It was my first attempt at winemaking and I don’t know what went

Do you know anyone who has used non-fermentable sweeteners like stevia for adjusting a wine post-fermentation?

Dear Wine Wizard, Our local winemaker (at Galena Cellars) can detect potassium sorbate in wine, after it is used to prevent refermentation in sweetened-back wines. I’d like to substitute a non-fermentable sweetener

Is there any way to save a flat and watery wine I made?

Though making fruit-based wine is a little different from making grape-based wine, you always want to make sure you’ve got enough sugar, acid, tannin and aromatic and flavor compounds to result in

Grape/Non-Grape Blending

The first time I ever blended two wines was an exercise in ignorance. I had a dewberry wine that had beautiful color and clarity but tasted flat. I also had a blackberry

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