Date: Feb-Mar 2006

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Acidity & Aging

My situation is that the total acidity (TA) rises during the aging process.What could be causing this?

What could cause the acid levels in my wine to rise as it ages?

First, let’s look at your question about the pH of water. We all learned in high school chemistry that water has a pH of 7.0, which is totally neutral, neither acidic nor

Kegging Wine

Sparkling wine usually comes packaged in either standard-sized wine bottles (750 mL), half-bottle-sized splits or Magnums, which hold the equivalent of two standard wine bottles. However, less common, larger bottle sizes include

Winning Winemaking Gold Medal Tips

Out of the 2,247 wines entered in the 2005 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition, six still wines topped the charts in the best of show categories of red, white, dessert, fruit, kit

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