Dollars and Sense: Tips from the Pros

Home winemakers get into the hobby for a number of reasons, including making high quality wine for less money. But even though making your own wine can sometimes be an economical choice, there are additional ways to save money. This issue, three home winemaking retailers discuss how to save money by planning ahead, avoiding waste — and spending wisely to save more money. Bob Peak, Partner in The Beverage People, a home winemaking and homebrewing shop in Santa Rosa, California. Before joining The Beverage People in 2003, Bob was general manager at Vinquiry, a wine testing laboratory in Windsor, California. Trying to make too much wine is one of the ways people lose budget control. Before making wine, decide how much of it you really want. Can your family and friends go through ten cases a year?  30?  50? If you start making a lot more than you can use, not only will related costs of yeast, chemicals, fermenters and so forth run up your cost, but the wine may go past its prime before you consume it and wind
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