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Making Mozzarella: A primer on making cheese at home

Making mozzarella is fast and easy once you get the hang of it. Here is an easy guide to get you going to mastering the art of making your own soft mozzarella. Your caprese salad will never be the same…

Blending Bench Trials

One of the most useful techniques used in blending wine is performing bench trials, which is the process of treating a series of small wine samples with varying degrees of conditions. In

Blending Basics

In this article, Michael Larner discusses the wines of the Rhône region of France, and one of the most important winemaking parts of Rhône winemaking is blending. Learn about the basics of

Making La Crescent Wine: Tips from the Pros

Thanks to the University of Minnesota, wine grapes can thrive in some of the coldest climates in North America (and beyond). In this issue, two winemakers discuss making wine with the Minnesota-bred,

Fermentation Temperature Control

For those that would like to start getting a better handle on the fermentation temperature of their wines, you’ve found the right spot.

Making Berry Fruit Wines:Tips from the Pros

Country wines come in all different styles and varieties, but berry wines are perennial favorites. Summertime brings with it a bevy of fresh, ripe berry options to craft some fine berry wines.

Wild Yeast Fermentations: Tips from the Pros

Not every winemaker makes wine with commercially-cultivated yeast strains. In fact, lots of commercial winemakers let their wines ferment with wild yeast from the grapes and in the winery. Here we have

Small Batch Winemaking

Tips for beginners looking to make small batches of wine.

Oak Alternatives: Tips from the Pros

A lot of home winemakers make small batches of wine that aren’t enough for a whole barrel. Thankfully there are lots of options for those of us making only a few gallons

Prepping Your First Barrel

Tips for beginners on how to prepare their first barrel.

Going Pro RoundTable

How do you break into the wine industry? Do you volunteer to help out at a local vineyard for a vintage? Do you go to winemaking school? Do you start out as

Meadmaking: Tips from the Pros

Meadmaking — like winemaking — has been around for thousands of years. And if you make wine you can also make mead using much of the same equipment. In this issue, two

Your First Mead

Tips for brewing your firs batch of mead.

Home Winery Names

What’s in a name? If it’s a homewinery, it could be almost anything. Home winemakers explain their winery’s name.

Making Riesling Roundtable

Ask any wine expert and they will tell you — Riesling deserves its day in the sun. Long touted as one of the most food-friendly wines available, it’s versatility in the winery

Growing Riesling Grapes: Tips from the Pros

If you live in a place with cooler weather and want to grow a versatile vinifera varietal, Riesling might be your best bet. Think Germany and Austria when you think of a

Controlling Grapevine Vigor: Tips from the Pros

One of the biggest challenges to growing grapes — commercially or recreationally — is controlling vine growth, which is known as vigor. If the vines are too productive, or not productive enough,

Volatile Acidity

An introduction into volatile acidity (VA) and how to avoid it.

Award-Winning Red Wine Blends Roundtable

Five top medal winners from the WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition share the secrets of their red wine blending success.

Bottle Shock

If you’ve done everything right in the winery and your wine tastes great going into the bottle, you might scratch your head when you open that first bottle to find your wine muted and disjointed. Fear not — your wine is likely experiencing bottle shock.

2016 Best New Gear

Hot new winemaking products hitting the market in 2016.

Make Your Own Wine Vinegar

Winemakers spend a lot of time and effort preventing acetic acid from ruining good wine. But to make wine vinegar, Acetobacter is actually your friend. Find out how to make some wine vinegar at home.

A Ranch In Wine Country: Dry Finish

When Teri Kerns and Micole Moore moved to Ramona, California in 2004, just north of San Diego, they knew they wanted to live an agricultural lifestyle, but were not sure what exactly

An Enology Education: Tips from the Pros

If you are thinking about taking your amateur winemaking to a more professional level, it might be time to consider taking some winemaking classes. In this issue, two wine school instructors discuss some tips for finding your way in winemaking school.

Award-Winning Red Winemakers Roundtable

Three amateur winemakers with shelves full of medals to their names for their homemade wines share advice for making great reds.

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