Sparkling Wine From Kits

 Ahh, glorious Champagne: our companion at celebrations and important events, it christens our ships, welcomes our New Year, and gently helps the caviar and oysters along the path to culinary nirvana. Sparkling wine has no peer, and you can make it at home if you’ve got a little adventure in your soul and a DIY attitude. The ease of use and consistent results you get from a wine kit are the icing on the cake — so let’s get baking! But first, a little housekeeping: the word Champagne is protected under French law. Oh, those wacky gendarmes de France and their courts and laws! Since we won’t be using grapes from the Champagne appellation, we’ll be referring to the fizzy stuff as sparkling wine. And since we’re not constrained by the shackles of French jurisprudence, why not make something really cool? How about a fruit-and-wine combination of deliciousness and fizzy happymaking? Chardonnay est passé: Vive le Viognier! Ever wanted a bottle of red sparkler to go with that meatloaf-cake you’ve been itching to make? Now’s the time! Also, one more