Making Country Wine from Berries

Summer is the time for berries, and that means berry wines. Loaded with flavor and unique aromas, chilled berry wines on warm summer afternoons lend credence to the lyrics, “It’s summertime, and the living is easy . . .” Here are 15 summer berries suitable for wine that you can ferment as soon as the fruit is harvested to make delicious wines to enjoy next spring or summer. Blackberry One of the most common berries on earth, there are over 375 species of blackberry worldwide, found in temperate regions of every continent except Antarctica. The fruit are not true berries but aggregate berries composed of many drupelets. Blackberries occupy many species and subspecies of the genus Rubus. When picked, the torrus, or central pith from which the drupelets grow, accompanies the fruit. The fruit grows on thorny canes, which form thickets known as brambles. The fruit develop as green, then red, and usually ripen to a deep black. They are both juicy and sweet and their primary acid is malic, which diminishes as the fruit ripen. Blueberry There are dozens