Maintaining a Home Wine Cellar

Here are some tips and suggestions on cellaring your homemade wine and maintaining the cellar itself. The cellar “The cellar” has a wide range of interpretations for home winemakers. If you have the chance to build or install a wine cellar, experts in the field offer guidance. The conditions that are typically recommended may be found, for instance, in Daniel Pambianchi’s Techniques in Home Winemaking. He recommends a temperature of 55 °F (13 °C) and a relative humidity of 55% to 75%. Extreme vibration and the presence of excessive sunlight (or other ultraviolet light) should be avoided. In some climates, these conditions can be reached passively in a facility that is partially or completely underground. In other places, or if the facility must be above ground, some form of temperature control is required. A cellar may need to be cooled in the summer months and may need to be heated in the winter months. Humidity may need to be added during dry weather or removed in humid conditions. Considering limitations of space and budget, even a special-purpose wine cellar may