Using Variable Volume Wine Tanks

Over the past few years I have made larger ­­­and larger batches of wine, and as a result the number of carboys I use has really added up. Each year I try to make improvements to my home winery, and being a total wine equipment nerd variable capacity stainless steel tanks were an obvious upgrade for me. What better way to make the next step than to have a big, shiny tank or two in my wine cellar? I set out to research the tanks and soon realized while there are benefits, there are certainly just as many drawbacks. However, with some effective modifications, and the purchase of a few pieces of equipment, you can increase the usefulness of the tanks. I have invested time learning how the tanks work, and what modifications others have used to improve on the successful use of the tanks. This article will hopefully help improve your experience with stainless steel variable capacity tanks. Tank Modifications There is much debate on whether or not to perform long-term aging in these tanks due to the possibility