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Cane Juice Wine


John Bailey — Tallahassee, Florida asks,

I have been given a 1⁄2 gallon (2 L) of cane juice and been bequeathed to make it into wine, yet I have no recipe, nor idea how to do that. I make other country wines but am a bit lost on this one. Any ideas?

That’s coming is a long answer but I hope it will speak to the many possible country wine situations in which you may find yourself. A good number of our readers choose to make beverages out of MOG (“material other than grapes”) and so frequently write to us when they’re faced with a particular non-grape conundrum. I think you’ll find that making wine with sugar cane will be very similar to making wine with any other non-grape fruit, flower or vegetable substance. With an idea of what you want to produce and a little tweaking of the starting material, you’ll be on your way to following your instincts in no time. I assume when you say “cane juice” you mean sugar cane juice? And I hope if that was the case you put it in the freezer while you did your recipe research — or else you probably found your little half gallon gift started to ferment away on its own! Just like any kind of fruit or plant juice, sugar cane juice is full of sugar — sucrose to
Response by Alison Crowe.