At Home in the Wine Lab

Over the course of an individual’s early experiences as a home winemaker, one will have a few pitfalls and batches that may not be “quite right.” Wines may be perceived as out of balance or to have mild flaws. Many of these balance and flaw issues can be addressed or avoided with some simple lab analysis, both pre- and post-fermentation. Not only can laboratory testing improve the organoleptic qualities of your wines, but it will also provide the winemaker with a deeper understanding of what is actually going on inside of their winemaking vessels. Having some solid metrics of sugar content, pH, total acidity, and free SO2 counts will give the winemaker some criterion to discern a good wine from a bad wine and help to replicate the former in future vintages. Setting up the Home Lab When assessing possible workspaces in your home for a laboratory setup, there are a few details that should be considered. You will need a clear workspace and preferably a table or surface that will not be easily corroded, such as stainless steel. Mishaps