Small Space Viticulture

Although the best part of visiting a winery is the wine, I have to admit I love spending time in or near the actual vineyard. A vineyard in full leaf with beautiful juicy grapes hanging about can be a very cool place to relax. I am also intrigued by how vineyards develop, particularly when green-space is limited, as it is in my own backyard vineyard. Whether you are intimidated by the idea of growing grapes or believe you just don’t have the space, I hope to provide you with a new perspective allowing you to see your own personal grape growing in a whole new light. Why You Should Dig In and Plant for Yourself You may be asking yourself, why should I even bother if all I will have space for is just a few grapevines? Growing grapes all summer and harvesting them to turn into wine gives you the full experience from vine to bottle; few things are more fulfilling as a winemaker. I mean, sure you could buy grapes, but what better way to impress friends and