2024 WineMaker Competition Sponsors

Thanks to our 2024 WineMaker Competition Sponsors

Special “Best of Show” awards will be presented thanks to our Award Sponsors:

Grand Champion Wine


 WineMaker of the Year                     Best of Show Red 

Sponsor:                                                                    Sponsor:

Retailer of the Year                           Best of Show White

Sponsor:                                                                     Sponsor:

U-Vint of the Year                           Best of Show Dessert

Sponsor:                                                                     Sponsor:


Club of the Year                           Best of Show Country Fruit

Sponsor:                                                                     Sponsor:


Best of Show Mead                          Best of Show Sparkling

Sponsor:                                                                     Sponsor:


Best of Show Estate Grown            Best of Show Kit/Concentrate

Sponsor:                                                                     Sponsor:


Category medals (gold, silver and bronze) will be awarded thanks to our category sponsors:

1. White Native American Varietal
2. White Native American Blend
3. Red Native American Varietal
4. Red Native American Blend
5. Blush/Rosé Native American
6. Red or White Native American Late Harvest and Ice Wine
7. White French-American Hybrid Varietal
8. White French-American Hybrid Blend
9. Red French-American Hybrid Varietal
10. Red French-American Hybrid Blend
11. Blush/Rosé French-American Hybrid
12. Red or White French-American Late Harvest and Ice Wine
13. Chardonnay
14. Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris
15. Gewürztraminer
16. Riesling
Sponsor: Waterloo Container
17. Sauvignon Blanc
18. Other White Vinifera Varietals
19. White Vinifera Bordeaux Style Blends
20. Other White Vinifera Blends
21. Cabernet Franc
Sponsor: Five Star Chemicals & Supply, Inc.
22. Cabernet Sauvignon
Sponsor: Musto Wine Grape Co. / WinemakingInstructions.com
23. Merlot
Sponsor: Vinmetrica
24. Shiraz/Syrah
25. Pinot Noir
26. Sangiovese
27. Zinfandel
Sponsor: MoreWine!
28. Other Red Vinifera Varietals
29. Red Vinifera Bordeaux Style Blends
Sponsor: Tin Lizzie Wineworks
30. Other Red Vinifera Blends
Sponsor: Label Peelers Beer & Winemaking Supply
31. Blush/Rosé Red Vinifera
32. Red or White Vinifera Late Harvest and Ice Wine
33. White Table Wine Blend (Any Grape Varieties)
34. Red Table Wine Blend (Any Grape Varieties)
35. Blush Table Wine Blend (Any Grape Varieties)
36. Grape & Non-Grape Table Wine Blend
37. Apple or Pear Varietals or Blends
38. Hard Cider or Perry
39. Stone Fruit (Peach, Cherry, Blends, etc.)
40. Berry Fruit (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blends, etc.)
41. Other Fruits
42. Traditional Mead
43.Fruit Mead
Sponsor: Moonlight Meadery
44. Herb and Spice Mead
45. Flower or Vegetable
46. Port Style
47. Sherry Style
48. Other Fortified
49. Sparkling Grape, Dry/Semi-Dry or Sweet
50. Sparkling Non-Grape

E-mail [email protected] with any questions about the competition.