25 Classic Wine Styles – Digital Download

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This is a downloadable pdf version of the 25 Classic Wine Styles. For a hard-copy version, click here.

Get this comprehensive new guide to make your own wine from 25 classic grapes. WineMaker’s “Varietal Focus” columnist and UC-Davis Winemaker and Winery Manager Chik Brenneman walks you through tips, techniques, and recipes to craft 25 of the world’s classic grapes into your own homemade wine in this 80-page special issue. This is a must-own reference for anyone looking to master the classic wine styles.

  • 14 red wine varietals and 11 white wine varietals
  • In-depth analysis of history, viticulture and winemaking techniques
  • Step-by-step recipes for each style
  • Guides winemakers through the pitfalls of each grape varietal


25 wine styles include:
• Cabernet Franc
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Chambourcin
• Grenache
• Malbec
• Merlot
• Nero d’Avola
• Norton
• Pinot Noir
• Pinotage
• Sangiovese
• Syrah/Shiraz
• Tempranillo
• Zinfandel
• Chardonnay
• Chenin Blanc
• Colombard
• Gewürztraminer
• La Crescent
• Pinot Grigio/Gris
• Riesling
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Seyval Blanc
• Torrontés
• Verdelho