Assessing Home Vineyards for Wine Quality: Wes Hagen ’08


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How can you tell if your backyard can yield great winemaking grapes? And what can you do to improve the quality of the grapes you are growing so you’ll end up with better wine in the glass? Learn key strategies for the backyard grape grower.

Wes Hagen received his viticultural and winemaking training from the University of California at Davis extension program. He is the Vineyard Manager and Winemaker for Clos Pepe Vineyards in Santa Barbara County, California, where he grows Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for a variety of wineries including his own. Wes’ Pinot Noir was recently ranked as one of the top 30 Pinots in California by Wine Spectator. Wes also covers the world of backyard vineyards for WineMaker writing our “Backyard Vines” column every issue since 2000. You can order recordings on his two seminars “Assessing the Home Vineyard for Wine Quality” and “Home Vineyard Troubleshooting.”

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