Managing Tannins: Eleni Papadakis


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How can a winemaker make sure there is enough tannin structure to their wine without overpowering it? Are there techniques and strategies a winemaker can use to really control tannin levels in a finished wine? Learn from an award-winning professional winemaker the keys to managing this key component to great wine.

Eleni Papadakis’ background includes over 15 years of award-winning professional winemaking at Bargetto Winery, Bonny Doon Vineyard, and Clos LaChance Winery in California, as well as international experience with harvests in Baden, Germany, Champagne, France, and the Curico and Colchagua Valleys in Chile. Additionally, Eleni has consulted and successfully managed a number of custom winemaking clients where she was able to showcase diverse and creative techniques needed to craft wines in a broad range of old and new-world styles that she learned being part of winemaking teams globally. Eleni holds a B.Sc. in Enology from California State University at Fresno and is currently writing her master’s thesis for the Bordeaux Wine MBA.

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