Date: Feb-Mar 2003

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Fruit Flies & Hot Petite Sirah: Wine Wizard

QI am following the recipe for tomato wine from the August-September 2002 issue. The recipe says to loosely cover the must in the primary fermenter with a plastic sheet. But after about

Do you have any suggestions for a wine that came out too “hot” with a higher than expected alcohol content?

Blending is fine; but if you don’t have enough suitable wine to lower the alcohol to a point you like, make it into a dessert wine. When faced with a 17 percenty

My wine has some kind of flies buzzing around the must. Do I need to throw this batch out?

My condolences on experiencing your first visitation by the ever present, but never welcome, Drosophila melanogaster — more commonly known as the common fruit fly. These prolific and pesky little airborne bugs

Vineyard Questions: Backyard Vines

D. Genasci (southern Oregon) asks: “I am harvesting Pinot Noir and am getting rather strange readings — 22 °Brix, pH of 3.4 and acid at 0.25. The grapes are grown on gravelly

2002 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition Winners!

Winners from the 2002 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition

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