Small-Space Home Winemaking

The running gag around our place is that you’ve heard of a microbrewery or microwinery? Well, we have a nanowinery. Our winery is so small (how small is it?) we have to step outside to change our minds. Okay, you’ve heard the jokes, but let’s be real. Not every home winemaker has the luxury of a full basement, or a large workshop, or any other decent-sized room with a sink, even temperatures and lots of shelving that can be dedicated to just making and aging wine. In fact, for a lot of folks, if you can get any dedicated space, at all, you’re doing well. “I live in quite a small home in Philly,” said Joe McAteer, who also runs the Philadelphia Home Brew Club, a group that enjoys all kinds of fermentation activity, including wine, beer, cheese and even dried sausages. “Everything’s shared in this house.” he says, “I have two little girls.” And while his biggest challenge is finding time when his daughters are otherwise occupied so that he can get some winemaking done, he doesn’t work with