Best of Show

Why bother with wine competitions? It’s a fair question. Entering a competition means putting your wine up for evaluation against those of other winemakers, and that can be a bit daunting. Some people are unwilling to risk the rejection that might come if their wines are not considered to be winning quality. Sadly, the result is that a lot of very well-made wine never enters competitions or receives the recognition that it’s due. On the other hand, others will readily enter on the assumption that no other wine could possibly be any better, because “it’s made exactly the way Grandpa used to make his!” As a result, many not-so-good wines also end up in competitions. If you are at all curious about where on this spectrum your winemaking skills lie, I urge you to take courage and enter your wine in a competition. A well-run competition will ensure that, even if your worst fears are realized, you won’t be humiliated, but instead will receive valuable feedback on how to improve your technique. On the other hand, if you win a