Avoiding Microbial Problems during Yeast & ML Fermentation ’09 Download


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Fermenting wine is a fertile ground for wild yeasts and other microbes. Learn how to protect your fermenting wine from unseen microbes and have a healthy yeast and malolactic fermentation. Understand the keys to controlling spoilage microorganisms during this critical time in your wine’s life and avoid the heartache of a ruined batch.

Dr. Lisa Van De Water divides her time between Napa and New Zealand, and regularly visits Chile and South Africa as a wine consultant with her company The Vinotec Group. She worked as an experimental enologist at Robert Mondavi Winery, then founded The Wine Lab in the Napa Valley in 1975, and Pacific Rim Oenology Services in New Zealand in 1992. Known internationally for her knowledge of fermentation problems, wine microbiology and spoilage, she is often called “The Bad Wine Lady” because of her focus on what can go wrong with wine. In 2003 Lisa turned over the operation of The Wine Lab to Gusmer Enterprises, to free up more time for consultation and international activities through The Vinotec Group.

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