Cleaning & Sanitation: Jef L. Stebben


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Sure it is the pain-in-the-neck part of winemaking, but does it need to be? Learn the best and most efficient ways to clean and sanitize your winemaking gear so your wine stays safe. Scrub your way to better wine and learn the keys to getting clean with professional winemaker Jef Stebben.

Jef L. Stebben, an award-winning professional winemaker, has been in the wine industry since 1995. He has a B.S. in Fermentation Sciences from University of California at Davis and has experience working in all aspects of production with wineries ranging from one hundred to one hundred thousand cases. In 2002 Jef started Stebben Wine Consultants, a company that focuses primarily on the small Boutique Winery, filling a much needed demand for quality winemaking on a smaller scale. He currently resides in Napa with his wife and daughter. Jef’s two seminars: “Cleaning and Sanitation” and “Wine Defects” are available for sale as recordings.

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