Fermentation Troubleshooting: Sigrid Gertsen-Briand ’09 Download


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Your wine won’t ferment. It ferments too quickly. It ferments too slowly. It won’t ferment at all! There can be plenty of troubles along with those fermentation bubbles. Find out how to identify (and fix!) the common challenges facing winemaking during fermentation.

Sigrid Gertsen-Briand is the Technical Support Manager in North America for Lallemand, Inc., a manufacturer of a wide variety of winemaking products including dried yeasts, yeast nutrients, and enzymes. She has a B.Sc. degree in Microbiology from McGill University in Montréal. She started her fermenting career in the quality control lab of Mosti Mondiale, a kit and fresh juice supplier. She then worked at Pelee Winery in Ontario before joining Lallemand.

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