Northwest Pinot Noir Roundtable: Jim Bernau & Rich Cushman ’10 Download


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The Pacific Northwest has become known for producing some of the best Pinot Noir in the world. Learn some of the winemaking techniques and keys used in the region to produce a great Pinot Noir from local professional winemakers.

Jim Bernau has been part of Willamette Valley Vineyards since 1983. He served as its first employee and helped turn WVV into Oregon’s leading producer of wines selling at $15 and above only three years after its first release of Pinot Noir. He has built a world-class Oregon winery by organizing the energy and resources of thousands of wine enthusiasts and helped Willamette Valley Vineyard grow to over 4,500 owners. He has contributed his expertise in governmental affairs and served as President of the Oregon Winegrowers Association. His lobbying contributions have earned him the industry’s Outstanding Service Award and most recently the Founder’s Award for his work on establishing the new Oregon Wine Board

Rich Cushman is the winemaker and owner at Viento Wines. A native Oregonian, he has been making wine for over 25 years! After studying for two years in the Master’s program in Enology at UC Davis, Rich traveled to Germany, where he apprenticed at the Burklin-Wolf Vineyard. Rich’s winemaking philosophy is straightforward: to make wines that are balanced and consistently good to drink. He strives to bring out the best in the grapes without over-processing. Rich’s vast experience in establishing successful wineries and winemaking protocol have made him a very sought after wine consultant.

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