Stabilize Wine Like The Pros: Daniel Pambianchi ’10


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Wines are living things and as a winemaker you need to do what you can to make sure to protect it against both physical and microbiological changes. Specific processes to counter these changes include racking, fining, filtration, chill-proofing and heat stabilization, while processes to counter microbiological changes include adding preservatives and stabilizing agents and membrane filtration. Take some cues from the professional winemaking ranks with Daniel Pambianchi as he walks you through how to properly protect your wine from heat, cold and much more.

Daniel Pambianchi is the General Manager of Maleta Estate Winery in Ontario and was recently awarded the Ontario “Wine of the Year” trophy for his oak-aged Vidal icewine. Many hobby winemakers are very familiar with his popular book “Techniques in Home Winemaking” as well as his “Techniques” column in every issue of WineMaker. Daniel also serves as the magazine’s Technical Editor reviewing all articles for accuracy.


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