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TROUBLESHOOTING OFF-ODORS, OFF-FLAVORS & OFF-COLORS – Napa-based professional winemaker Alison Crowe has answered hundreds of questions in her 12-year long role as WineMaker’s popular “Wine Wizard”. The majority of questions from hobby winemakers she receives deal with troubleshooting, especially off-odors, off-flavors and off-colors. Find out how to iden­­­tify and fix these problems in your wine.

ALISON CROWE has led a secret double life since 1998 as a professional winemaker by day and “Wine Wizard” columnist for WineMaker by night. She has answered hundreds of winemaking questions for readers over the years and a collection of her columns was released as “The Winemaker’s Answer Book.” Alison earned an Enology degree from the University of California at Davis before winemaking stints at Byington Winery, Bonny Doon Vineyards as well as Bodegas Salentein in Argentina. She is currently a Napa-based winemaker for Plata Wine Partners with a collection of vineyards around California.

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