Date: Dec 05-Jan 06

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Chlorine Conundrum & Country Wines: Wine Wizard

I never use any chlorine-containing cleaning compounds in my winemaking and don’t recommend it to anyone. There are plenty of alternatives for cleaning, one of my favorites being sodium percarbonate.

What is the best way to store plastic fermentation tubs and keep them clean?

You’re on the right track — it’s not a good idea to mix chlorine bleach with winemaking because free chlorine molecules can, if the conditions are right, contribute to appreciable levels of

How long should I age wines made from fruit other than grapes?

The most general guidelines the Wine Wiz can give you for aging wines from fruits, vegetables and herbs are these: Always cellar any wine at least six months before opening the first

True Champagne: Tips from the Pros

Two professional Champagne-makers share their secrets for home winemakers.

2005 WineMaker Label Contest Winners!

View the winning labels of the 2005 WineMaker label contest.

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