Berry Fruit Winemaking: Steve Bader ’10 Download


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From blueberries to raspberries to blackberries and beyond, the world of berry fruits is ripe for hobby winemakers. Berry fruits rank as the most popular type of country wine for our magazine’s readers. Learn the specific techniques to making great berry wines and the keys to successful winemaking in time for this coming berry season.

Steve Bader is the owner/operator of Bader Beer & Wine Supply in Vancouver, Washington. Steve opened his home beer and wine supply shop in 1992, selling primarily beermaking products. The evolution of the industry led Steve to move a larger location to add wine ingredients, wine kits and more equipment. In 2003 Steve opened up a wine-on-premise (Bader Winery) next to his retail store. Steve has written articles for WineMaker and Brew Your Own magazine, along with serving on the editorial review board for both magazines since 2000.

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