Kit Wine Troubleshooting: Dinesh Nair


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Even though wine kits provide an easy and consistent way to make wine, problems do sometimes pop up. From color and clarity issues to off-odors, from stuck fermentations to fermentations that won’t stop, your kit winemaking can veer off-course. Learn how to identify (and fix!) common mistakes made during your kit winemaking from Dinesh Nair who answers these kinds of questions for customers at kit manufacturer RJ Spagnols.

Dinesh Nair is Product Manager at RJ Spagnols, a wine kit and wine and beer making supply wholesaler and manufacturer. He is involved with product creation, taste profiling, copy content and product launches as well as conducting wine education seminars throughout North America. Dinesh is also a sommelier with over 10 years of experience in the wine industry. Dinesh spoke on two seminars availabke as recordings: “10 Keys to Successful Kit Winemaking” and “Kit Wine Troubleshooting.”

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