Managing Fermentation for Great Wine ’11 Download


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MANAGING FERMENTATION FOR GREAT WINE – You can have great fruit and the right strain of yeast selected, but if you don’t manage your fermentation properly your wine will not reach its full potential. There are several critical interconnected elements involved in managing fermentation and their sum total has a direct affect on the outcome of the final wine. Find out how and why it is critical to understand and control temperature, nutrients, tannins and oxygen during your fermentation.

SHEA A.J. COMFORT helped start winemaking supply and equipment retailer MoreWine! in 2000. Over the next four years he did intensive fermentation research on yeast, oak, malolactic bacteria, tannins and oxygen. He also created and taught an amateur winemaking program, educated the company staff and created a series of technical “how-to” manuals. He has been a contract winemaker for Lallemand since 2001, creating yeast and malolactic bacteria trials for them. Shea helped start up Sterling Albert Winery as head winemaker and has been consulting winemaker for Olin Wines for three years. Most recently he started an independent winemaking consultation business and has written articles appearing in WineMaker magazine.

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