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SANTA BARBARA PINOT NOIR ROUNDTABLE – Pinot Noir produced in Santa Barbara County was the real star of the movie “Sideways”. We’re going way beyond Hollywood to find out more about what makes this region especially well suited for producing great Pinot Noir as well as tips and techniques you can take home to use for making your own great Pinot Noir. Listen and learn from four of the leading Santa Barbara professional winemakers specializing in Pinot.

PETER CARGASACCHI, along with his wife Julia, runs both Point Concepción Wines as well as the Cargasacchi label with the goal of producing food-friendly wines from California’s Central Coast. Using estate fruit, Peter and Julia produce two Pinot Noirs under the Cargasacchi label and one late harvest Pinot Grigio. They also produce Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Syrah under the Point Concepción label from estate and purchased fruit. Peter’s family has been making wine for consumption with food for many generations in Italy and he planted his first vineyard, Cargasacchi Vineyard, in 1998 in the Santa Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County. A second vineyard, Cargasacchi-Jalama Vineyard, was planted in 1999. In 2008, a third vineyard, Levante Vineyard, was planted on an east facing slope overlooking the Santa Ynez River in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA.

WES HAGEN received his training from the University of California at Davis extension program. California, where he grows Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for a number of wineries, including his own. Wes also covers the world of hobby vineyards for WineMaker magazine writing our “Backyard Vines” column in every issue for the last decade as well as on his blog at

BRIAN LORING is obsessed with Pinot Noir. After first discovering Burgundy while working in a wine shop during college, he was hooked. A bottle of 1990 Cottonwood Santa Maria Pinot Noir convinced him great Pinots could be made in California and he subsequently worked the 1997 crush at Cottonwood. He asked thousands of questions as he did everything from checking sugar levels and punching down to driving a forklift. He ended up making two barrels of Pinot Noir that year which was the start of Loring Wine Company. Brian still has kept his day job as a software contractor as he works towards his goal of producing 3,000 cases per year alongside his sister Kimberly.

FRANK OSTINI is the owner/chef of the Buellton Hitching Post restaurant and winemaker behind the Hartley Ostini Hitching Post Wines along with his friend Gray Hartley. Frank started as a home winemaker in 1979 and in 1981 made his first Pinot Noir. In 1984 he and Gray began to professionally make wine exclusively for the restaurant. Production has grown to over 15,000 cases and their winemaking efforts moved in 2008 to the new Terravant Winery facility just 1.5 miles down the road from the restaurant. Frank focuses primarily on Pinot Noir with also some Syrah and Cabernet Franc from the Central Coast. Frank’s restaurant and wine was featured prominently in the movie “Sideways.”

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