The Complete 2011 WineMaker Conference Library


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This ultimate 2011 WineMaker Conference audio package offers all 23 recorded seminars in one complete library!

Full Library includes the following:

Grape Growing:

Keys to Canopy Management

Pruning for Success

Grapevine Diseases

Growing Rhône Varietals

Oak & Barrels:

Your First Wine Barrel: Choosing & Using

WineMaker Workshop: Side-by-Side Oak Trials

Wine Science & Testing:

Home Wine Lab Equipment

Adjusting Acid, Mouthfeel, Aroma & Flavor


Pairing Yeast & Bacteria

White Wine Fermentations

Managing Fermentation for Great Wine

Kit Winemaking:

Wine Kit Adventures: Barrels, Blending & Yeast

Wine Kit Q & A


Troubleshooting Off-Odors, Off-Flavors & Off-Colors

Style/Varietal Tips:

Santa Barbara Pinot Noir Roundtable

Making Italian Reds

Techniques & Misc. Tips:

10 Winemaking Techniques You Need to Know

Using Enzymes to Boost Your Winemaking

Managing Residual Sugar

WineMaker Workshop: Hands-On Blending

Sur Lie Techniques

Award-Winning Red Winemaking Tips

Using Gas in Winemaking


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