Understanding Wine Aging: Bob Peak ’09 Download


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There are many myths and plenty of bad information out there about how a wine ages and how to determine when a wine is at its peak for drinking. You can use a basic knowledge of your wine’s chemistry and attributes to determine how long a wine can last and when it will be best to drink. Learn the keys to understanding the lifespan of your wines as well as how to age wine properly.

Bob Peak, former partner in The Beverage People, a home winemaking and homebrewing shop in Santa Rosa, California, planted his backyard hobby vineyard in 1999.  Before joining The Beverage People in 2003, he was general manager at Vinquiry, a wine testing laboratory in Windsor, California.  As a home winemaker, Bob’s most recent award was a silver medal at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair for his 2006 Chardonnay.  Bob holds a degree in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, and has pursued additional studies in grapes and wine at Santa Rosa Junior College and the UC Davis Extension.

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