Wine Kit Blending: Lone Jorgensen ’09 Download


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Learn the keys to successfully blending different finished kit wines together and how blending can allow you to build up your cellar with an even greater variety of wines. Find out how to decide what kit wines to blend as well as how to conduct test trials before a larger blend is made.

Lone Jorgensen is the Chief Winemaker, Technical Advisor & Research & Development Manager at RJ Spagnols, a leader in manufacturing and marketing personally crafted wine and beer kits. Lone has a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the University Of Copenhagen, Denmark & is a student of the Winemaker Certificate Program from University of California at Davis. Lone has been instrumental in innovative new product development in winemaking for over five years with R J Spagnols. She is also responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of winemaking and ensuring all quality standards.

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