Date: Apr-May 2011

April/May 2011 issue

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Reconditioning Corks & Bottle Film

I’m glad you sent this question, though, because it brings up an important rule of the world of corks: corks must have a certain amount of moisture and “give” in order to work to keep the wine in and air (mostly) out.

Grenache: An international blender

In the vineyard, Grenache is extremely vigorous and needs a long growing season to mature all of its fruit.

What is the film forming inside my bottles?

I am making wine from my own grapes in Alpine, California and have noticed that occasionally a light film forms on the inside of some bottles. I am very meticulous about keeping

Can I recondition old corks?

I have a number of novelty corks I brought back from Europe in 1960. They haven’t been used since then, so they are quite dry. Can anyone tell me if there is

Making Ice Cider

A good ice cider balances the line between tart and sweet and there is more than one way to produce them. Get the cold facts to making ice cider at home.

Tannin Chemistry

Soft, silky, velvety, youthful, puckery, aggressive, harsh, bitter, astringent: These are all adjectives used in winespeak to describe the many taste sensations from tannins in red wines. Learn about the science behind them

WineMaker to Winemaker: Dry Finish

My winemaking career all started with an issue of Wine-Maker. Seven years ago, I was working in high-tech marketing and business development in the Silicon Valley. One day I stumbled into a

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