Chardonnay Bundle

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This bundle includes 5 back issues with cover stories featuring Chardonnay or Chardonnay-related topics:

April/May 2004: Chardonnay Meets Four Different Yeast Strains.  Also in this issue: Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc, Fruit-Grape Blends

February/March 2010: Crafting Chardonnay, Troubleshooting Fermentation, Syrah/Shiraz Roundtable, Making Sake, How to Filter Your Wines

April/May 2011: Chardonnay Wine Kits, Zinfandel – Finding the Right Balance, Soil: The Dirt on Vineyard Dirt, Improving Wines During Aging, The Winery of the Future, Making Ice Cider

April/May 2013: White Winemaking in Burgundy: The latest tips & Chardonnay techniques from French winemakers. Also in this issue: Gewürztraminer, Oxidation, Big Bold Barbera.

August/September 2013: To Oak Or Not to Oak; Also in this issue: White Wine Skin Contact, Maceration Tips & Techniques, Berry Country Winemaking, A Look At Woodless Wines, Pinot Grigio

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