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This bundle  is for all the people who love Pinot!

August/September 2015:  This issue’s cover story is titled “Make Your Own Award Winning Pinot Noir” and teaches you everything to master the delicate art of Pinot growing and winemaking!  Also in this issue: Home Wine Yeast Chart, Selecting Yeast Strains & Wild Fermentations

December 2012/January 2013:  This issue features a Varietal Focus story on Pinot Noir by Chick Breneman.  Also in this issue: Blending Pointers, WineMaking From Frozen Must & Going Pro Roundtable

August/September 2012:  Tips and Techniques  from Burgundy highlighting advice on crafting Pinot Noir from the heart of the Pinot world. Also in this issue: Troubleshooting Guide, Choosing the Right Fermenter, Reducing Sulfites & More.

2010 WineMaker Magazine Conference – Northwest Pinot Noir Roundtable Audio Recording:  The Pacific Northwest has become known for producing some of the best Pinot Noir in the world. Learn some of the winemaking techniques and keys used in the region to producing a great Pinot Noir from local professional winemakers.

2011 Santa Barbara Pinot Noir Roundtable Audio Recording: Pinot Noir produced in Santa Barbara County was the real star of the movie “Sideways”, Listen and learn from four of the leading Santa Barbara professional winemakers specializing in Pinot

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