Grape Growing Bundle

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All the information you will need to start your own home vineyard! Bundle includes:

Guide to Growing Grapes: At last a comprehensive guide to growing your own wine grapes. WineMaker’s “Backyard Vines” columnist and professional vineyard manager Wes Hagen walks you through how to plan, plant and take care of a small-scale home vineyard in this new 80-page special issue.

Apr-May 2010: Grow Your Own Grapes cover featuring stories on: Planning Your Backyard Vineyard, Frost Protection, Making Zinfandel, Yeast Selection for Country Wines, Muscadine Roundtable, and Testing for Acidity

Dec 2008-Jan 2009: Top Ten Tips Every Grape Grower Should Know, Focus on Chenin Blanc, How to Use Gas to Improve Your Wine, and Top 100 Wine Kits

Aug-Sep 2008: Ready, Set, Harvest cover featuring stories on: How to Pick Great Grapes – 10 Tips for Harvest, Understand Sulfites, Build a Hydraulic Wine Press, Sangiovese Tuscan Style, Wine Microbiology and Wine Competition Winners.



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