Oak and Barrel Bundle

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All the best on Oak and Barrels for your wine! Bundle includes:

Your First Wine Barrel Choosing and Using (2011 Conference) :Buying a wine barrel can be intimidating not to mention expensive. American or French? What toasting level? What size? How do you take care of it?  And what techniques should you use once your wine is in there? Barrel questions answered by a man who works with barrels everyday, Kenwood Vineyards Senior Winemaker Pat Henderson.

Oak Alternatives (2009 Conference):Adjusting your wine for taste and clarity can be done with additions to your next batch. Learn when and how to add items like oak, sweeteners and fining agents. Plus, Bob Peak will offer some examples of wines to view and taste so you can better understand the impact of the additions on these finished wines.

April/May 2006: Choosing, Using & Maintaining Oak Barrels, Making Gewürztraminer, Build a Trellis

February/March 2014: Getting Your Wine Into Oak Barrels, Riesling Roundtable, Making Wine In Limited Spaces, Port-Style Wines From Mustang Grapes.

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