Cold Soaking Your Way To Great Wine: Norman Banks ’10 Download


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Cold soak maceration, also known as pre-ferment maceration, is used to maximize phenolic extraction prior to the alcoholic fermentation. The cold soak helps boost color and other important attributes, but some grape varietals benefit from a cold soak more than others. Learn the keys to conducting a successful cold soak from local professional winemaker Norman Banks.

Norman Banks began making wine in 1968 as a home winemaker in California and has been making wine almost every year since. He has made wines from mead and melamels through fruit and many more grape varietals, as well as brewing beer. He has been sampling wine and visiting wineries wherever living or assigned from Australia to new Zealand. Since 1987 Norman has grown Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris/Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Muscat in Vancouver, Washington. he currently makes 6-8 varietals every year, mostly from eastern Washington grapes and has been assisting at commercial wineries in Clark County for 6 years. Norman has been the head Winemaker at Confluence Winery since 2007, and is also currently the head Winemaker at Pheasant Valley Winery. Norman is a member of : Clark County Home Winemakers, Columbia-Willamette Enology Society (Executive Board Member), and Southwest Washington Wineries Association.

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