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MANAGING RESIDUAL SUGAR – Learn the techniques and tips you’ll need if you want to keep a little sweetness in your next wine.  Find out how to stop a fermentation early to leave residual sweetness as well as how to back sweeten a batch of wine. Plus the all-important ways to avoid refermentation in the bottle if you are keeping some sugar in your wine. Chik Brenneman of UC-Davis will guide you through the dos and don’ts of making sweet wines.

CHIK BRENNEMAN is the Winery Manager and Winemaker for the University of California at Davis. He is responsible for supporting the teaching and research winemaking activities. In any given harvest he will make wine from over 50 different varietals. Chik also writes the “Varietal Focus” column in every issue of WineMaker magazine. Prior to coming to UC–Davis he worked as the Production Lab Manager for Woodbridge Winery in Lodi. He has worked as cellarmaster for both Amador Foothill Winery and Domaine de la Terre Rouge in Amador County’s Shenandoah Valley after receiving his Master’s Degree in Enology in 1998.




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