Date: Dec 17-Jan 18

December 2017/January 2018 issue

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Proper Equipment Storage

When done using your winemaking equipment, make sure it is properly cleaned and stored so it will be ready to use next harvest season.

Chocolate Infused Wine

Wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven. But it doesn’t have to be two separate delicacies. Home winemakers can actually combine the two by infusing wine with chocolate.

Fermentation Dynamics

There are temperature ranges advisable for fermenting all wine styles, but how does each end of that range affect the aroma, taste, and body of your wine?

Top 100 Wine Kits for 2017

Here are the top 100 wine kits from the 2017 WineMaker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition.

Micro-oxidation in White Wines: Tips from the Pros

Not all white wines should be treated equally when it comes to processing juice. Here are some helpful tips and insights winemakers should consider when they approach their next batch of white wine — when to go for a more oxidative approach to the juice and when to go for less.

The Basics of Sulfite

Learn the basics of what sulfur dioxide is, as well as when and how to use sulfite in your winemaking.

What’s This? and Calculating Proper Yeast Pitching

To quote one of my favorite UC-Davis professors, the newly-retired Dr. Linda Bisson, “No human pathogen can survive in wine.”

Yeast Pitching Rates

Good for you for branching out. Apple cider has astronomically increased in popularity in the United States in the past few years and I see an increasing number of wineries trying their

Impact of Oxygen on Winemaking

Oxygen’s presence or absence at the various stages of winemaking can have extraordinarily important and lasting effects on what our wines taste like. Too much and you risk oxidation damage, too little

Confessions: Revealing a secret to my success

A California winemaker confesses his secret to making a good wine blend great through the use of his secret weapon.

What’s This?

Thanks so much for sending over the pictures, they are very helpful. Even though it’s impossible for me to diagnose down to the organism just based on images, I’d wager you’ve got

Let’s Bottle!

From cleaners to corkers, there are many options on the market for the home winemaker for the home winemaker when it comes time to get your wine into the bottle.

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