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2017 WineMaker Competition Results

WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition Results: Download Full Results With 2,497 entries, the event is once again the largest wine competition of its kind in the world! Wines were judged on April

Petit Manseng

A long time ago, brave souls looking for an easier route to the Far East set sail west across the Atlantic Ocean. Controversial at the time given the prevailing philosophy was that

Refractometer vs. Hydrometer

That is a great question. The “simple” answer is that no, hydrometry and refractometry are not interchangeable and that you shouldn’t try to use a refractometer during active fermentation. Refractometry relies on

Monitoring & Adjusting pH

pH greatly affects the taste of wine as well as microbial stability. It can make the difference between drinking the wine or pouring it down the drain. Make sure you know when it should be analyzed and make the necessary adjustments.

Blending Stuck Wine

That’s too bad that you had some stuck fermentations. It’s probable that your yeast died out due to alcohol toxicity resulting from those high brixes. Next time make sure you’re adding enough

Enzymes for Hobbyists

When pioneers of winemaking like Louis Pasteur or André Tchelistcheff are mentioned, James B. Sumner is often overlooked. Nonetheless, this Nobel-prize-winning chemist (1946) set in motion the entire scientific field for today’s

Winemaking in the Philippines: Dry Finish

The Philippines are not known for red wines, but there are a small group of winemakers looking to change that using exotic mountain berries.

Wine, Women, & Support

There are some new faces emerging on the Connecticut winemaking scene. These are the faces of young, enthusiastic, and innovative females who are part of the next generation of Connecticut winemaking culture.


I am writing this on an airplane on my way to Burgundy, the crossroads of France known for its great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. But did you know that Burgundy has

What To Consider When Selecting A Yeast

Ah that is a wonderful and complex question. When a winemaker chooses to inoculate for fermentation (which I generally recommend) there are many factors to take into account when making that choice.

White Wine Case Study

Take a closer look at the impact ripeness, yeast selection, oaking, enzymes, and other winemaking decisions has on the final wine.

Drinking From Brass

There certainly is something historically appealing about hoisting an overflowing chalice of one’s own homemade vinous deliciousness. In ancient times metal was a common material from which to fashion drinking cups. From

Using Yeast Nutrients

One of the most important conditions for your yeast to thrive is an abundance of nutrients. If the must doesn’t provide enough naturally, it’s time to add yeast nutrients. Use these tips to know when it’s time to add nutrients, and what types your yeast need to complete a successful fermentation.

Evolution of a Wine & Its Maker

I just bottled my 2013 Valdepena. If you’re wondering why I would wait two and a half years to bottle, let me start by saying that I don’t normally do that, but

Growing Trees for Fruit Winemaking

There is nowhere in North America or Europe below the Arctic Circle where suitable fruit trees cannot be grown — which means you can grow your own trees for making fruit wines!

Amateur to Pro Winemaking Glory

Raymond Meyer was the first person to win the three most competitive amateur winemaking competitions in North America, and now he can add a professional “Wine Person of the Year” to his resumé.

Reducing Acidity of Wine

That’s great that you are already planning ahead for this upcoming harvest. Indeed, a TA of 10.0 g/L is very high and I would certainly plan on de-acidifying for style as well

Cleaning & Sanitizing Techniques

“They can make the difference between sound wine and spoiled wine.” Daniel Pambianchi Daniel Pambianchi was talking about cleaning and sanitizing when he put that maxim in Techniques in Home Winemaking. Home

2016 WineMaker Competition Results

WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition Results: Download Full Results With 2,981 entries, the event is once again the largest wine competition of its kind in the world! Wines were judged on April

Tasting Party: Dry Finish

It was 1998 when I first began hosting a winemakers party and I have been refining it for the past 17 years. In September every year before wine season starts we host

Making Acidity Adjustments Post-Fermentation

You certainly can adjust acidity after fermentation is complete, but many winemakers feel that the acid is better-integrated, as well as less-detectable, the earlier it is added. That being said, by all

Perfecting and Protecting Wine Color

It’s said that people eat and drink with their eyes, and when it comes to wine there is no exception.Find out how to create and protect the color of your red, white, and pink wines.

Red Hybrid Color Stabilization: Tips from the Pros

Red wines from hybrid grapes can be frustrating — one day you have a deep garnet wine and the next you are wondering where the color went. Color stabilization is the key,

Mastering Wine Acid Balance

Sometimes the acidity of your grapes, juice, or wine will need to be adjusted. Learn some of the finer details surrounding how, and when, to make those acid adjustments to your wine.

Brown (Instead of Red) Wine

There’s the old saw about the sow’s ear and the silk purse. It reminds me of my old adage of “never blend a loser,” which admonishes readers against blending bad wine into

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