Adjust Your Must For Better Wines: Shea Comfort ’10


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A balanced must is critical to making good wine and this seminar will show you how to both test and taste for this, as well as how to create options for individual wine styles. Getting the pH, Brix, tannins and other structural elements in harmony before you begin the fermentation is absolutely critical to making great wine.

Shea A.J. Comfort is a long-time amateur brewer and mead maker. Shea helped start MoreWine! in 2000. Over the next four years he did intensive fermentation research on yeast, oak, MLB, tannins and oxygen, created and taught an amateur winemaking program, educated the company staff, and created a series of technical “how-to” manuals. He has been a contract winemaker for Lallemand since 2001, creating yeast and MLB trials for them. Shea has also helped start up Sterling Albert Winery as head winemaker, has been consulting winemaker for Olin Wines for two years, and has most recently started an independent winemaking consultation business.


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