Date: Apr-May 2016

April/May 2016 issue

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Exploring The Corking Options and Making Acidity Adjustments

Most closures are packaged pre-sanitized, usually with sulfur dioxide in the sealed bags that come from the manufacturer.

Kit Winemaking Q&A

Here are some of the best wine kit-related questions we’ve received from readers. Now, on to the questions! QUESTION: A kit I received as a gift instructs me to start fermentation at

Small Space Winemaking Techniques

In large wineries, functional spaces are usually separated. There may be a crush pad, one or more fermentation rooms, and a cellar or cave for barrel aging. Most of us at home

Used Spirit Barrel Experiment

Is aging wine in a barrel that once held spirits totally off limits? One hobby winemaker made some experimental wines to test it out.

Modern Malolactic

There once was a time when MLF only happened spontaneously in winemaking. These days, however, winemakers have more choices when it comes to performing MLF.

Rhône Roundup

Four pro “Rhône Ranger” winemakers discuss making Rhône-style wines and decisions that work best on the small-scale.

Mourvèdre: A Tannic grape for many wine styles

Mourvèdre is a fine blending grape with significant tannins, but don’t overlook the varietal and rosé options.

Exploring The Corking Options

The choice of bottle closure is a topic that winemakers the world over debate with regularity. Every time a new bottle closure or packaging method comes out (twist off? Glass? Stainless steel

Sur Lie Aging & Bâttonage

An introduction to sur lie aging and why you may want to consider it for your next batch.

Tasting Party: Dry Finish

It was 1998 when I first began hosting a winemakers party and I have been refining it for the past 17 years. In September every year before wine season starts we host

Making Acidity Adjustments Post-Fermentation

You certainly can adjust acidity after fermentation is complete, but many winemakers feel that the acid is better-integrated, as well as less-detectable, the earlier it is added. That being said, by all

Perfecting and Protecting Wine Color

It’s said that people eat and drink with their eyes, and when it comes to wine there is no exception.Find out how to create and protect the color of your red, white, and pink wines.

Red Hybrid Color Stabilization: Tips from the Pros

Red wines from hybrid grapes can be frustrating — one day you have a deep garnet wine and the next you are wondering where the color went. Color stabilization is the key,

13 result(s) found.