Date: Aug-Sep 2016

August/September 2016 issue

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Measuring Brix in Fermentation, Drinking From Brass, and Yeast Options

I would argue that the rapidity with which the sugar is consumed (and the density is lowered) is almost as important as the level of sugar itself . . .

Yeast Options

Good for you for thinking “outside the box” and going with a different yeast choice. I love both D80 and D254 for Syrah. D80 was isolated by the ICV in 1992 from

Tasting Party

Hosting a wine tasting party for a handful of friends is one thing, but it’s another to host 150 guests.

How to Build a Barrel

An amateur barrel maker shares his advice to build your own wine barrel at home.

2016 Best New Gear

Hot new winemaking products hitting the market in 2016.

The many wines of Chardonel

Chardonel, as the name implies, has Chardonnay as one of its parents and is used to make similar wine styles. Its popularity is largely along the East Coast and Midwest regions of the United States, but its wines stand up against those from any region.

Measuring Brix in Fermentation

Like most everything in winemaking, the glib answer is, “It depends.” The real answer, however, is much more complex and as you intimate, experience can play a large part in fine-tuning your

Crafting Chardonnay: Tips from the Pros

There are many different techniques and styles to choose from when it comes to Chardonnay. Do you want a buttery, barrel-aged Chardonnay or a crisp, acidic one? When weighing your options, use

Crafting Age-Worthy White Wines

A common perception about wine is that red wines should always be aged and white wines are intended to be consumed young. I won’t call this a total misconception — it is

White Wine Case Study

Take a closer look at the impact ripeness, yeast selection, oaking, enzymes, and other winemaking decisions has on the final wine.

Drinking From Brass

There certainly is something historically appealing about hoisting an overflowing chalice of one’s own homemade vinous deliciousness. In ancient times metal was a common material from which to fashion drinking cups. From

Using Yeast Nutrients

One of the most important conditions for your yeast to thrive is an abundance of nutrients. If the must doesn’t provide enough naturally, it’s time to add yeast nutrients. Use these tips to know when it’s time to add nutrients, and what types your yeast need to complete a successful fermentation.

Evolution of a Wine & Its Maker

I just bottled my 2013 Valdepena. If you’re wondering why I would wait two and a half years to bottle, let me start by saying that I don’t normally do that, but

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