Date: Jun-Jul 2019

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Story Behind The Label

Featured in the February-March 2023 issue: Kent Nienaber • Ham Lake, Minnesota Our Love Sick Marquette label was born out of a difficult situation that arose during COVID. In early September of 2021,

Blending Fruit Wines

Country wines made with multiple fruit varieties can be blended prior to fermentation or after. Learn how two professional winemakers decide when to blend, as well as the other considerations they account for when making these lovely summer sippers.

Pressure in the Home Vineyard: How to measure and mitigate fungal disease

It is not lost on the well-informed winegrower/winemaker that fungi — ancient, single-cell organisms that have been on this planet hundreds of millions of years longer than humans — are our best

Off The Beaten Path: Spice, herb, and vegetable winemaking

These wines are not common in the commercial marketplace where dry grape wines dominate. There are some fruit wines, of course, and a few novelty wines made with coffee or chocolate. You

Beyond Beaujolais: Get acquainted with Gamay Noir

Wine brings people together. This is cause for great reflection for me personally because as you read this, I will have been retired from the University of California Teaching and Research Winery

Everything Wine: Scavenging up a new hobby

I’d never seen my father drink a glass of wine — until he became a winemaker. He retired from a full-time sales career and besides golf, gardening, and a part-time job selling

Softening The Wine, Using Gum Arabic, and Avoiding a Persistent Sediment

QI am planning to try a new product on some older cabernet wine (2015 vintage) that has not yet been bottled. It has a harshness that might be related to tannins. It

Dealing With Persistent Sediment

Goodness, you’ve got a persistent sediment source in your wines that’s for sure. You’ve removed the gross particles by racking and filtration.You’ve cleared out proteins by using bentonite. You’ve taken out excess

Softening The Wine

Before I launch into my information about gum arabic and related products, do take a minute to think that gum arabic may not give you the result you’re looking for. Gum arabic

Let’s Get Macerating

The concept of maceration is a rather simple one: Take crushed grapes (or fruit) and allow the grapes — skins, seeds, and stems — a period to soak with the grape juice.

When Wines Go Bad

Get to know the most common wine faults, their causes, and fixes you can try to alleviate them.

A Quicker Route to Bubbles

Making non-traditional sparkling wine at home through force carbonation is simple and can yield amazing results. With just a few pieces of equipment, one can make delicious bubbly in a matter of

Winemaking Tips from Robert Foley

He’s been called the “God of Cabernet,” been named the Winemaker of the Year, and has produced “virtually perfect” wines, according to wine critics. Now, Robert Foley shares his best advice on how you can make the best wines at home.

Méthode Champenoise

Méthode Champenoise is the most traditional way to make sparkling wine. It requires extra time, attention to detail, and more steps than other methods of sparkling wine production. However, it also makes the highest quality bubbly, which is why it is the only technique used by Champagne makers. Learn how to master this technique at home.

14 result(s) found.