Date: Dec 16-Jan 17

December 2016/January 2017 issue

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Making White Zinfandel

Funny you ask this question as I’ve just now got three tanks full of 2016 Monterey Pinot Noir rosé fermenting in the winery. White Zinfandel, contrary to what some folks think, is

Red Wine Stabilization and Making White Zinfandel

Oxidation, whether microbial (metabolically), chemical (directly reacting with environmental oxygen), or enzymatic can degrade color and cause less than optimal conditions for the survival
of colored compounds.

Detecting, Measuring, and Preventing Volatile Acidity

You’ve worked long and hard to craft that awesome red wine but now, you go down to the cellar to taste a sample out of the carboy or oak barrel to see

Fermentation and Aging Containers

Fermentation and aging vessels winemakers have to decide between include oak, glass, plastic, and stainless steel. Each has its own pros and cons to be weighed.

Top 100 Wine Kits of 2016

Here’s the top 100 wine kits from the 2016 WineMaker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition

Six Essential Winemaking Techniques

Commercial winemakers and wine industry professionals don’t become experts overnight. It can take many vintages to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in a home or commercial winery. But that

A Year in a the Life of a Wine: Part II (Grape Processing)

A look at processing grapes after harvest.

Amarone: A Taste of Valpolicella

Find out how to replicate the method of making Amarone — the famed red “straw wine” from the Valpolicella zone of Italy’s Veneto province made from grapes partially dried on straw mats to concentrate their juice.

High Acids, Low Tannins: Barbera

Barbera is a favorite among winemakers because its high acidity makes it a useful grape for blending and also a unique varietal wine. Get tips to make your own Barbera wines at home.

Red Wine Stabilization

Ever open a bottle of red wine you’ve lovingly saved for 20 years only to be disappointed as a brick-orange liquid followed by a brownish sludge falls into your glass? The issue

Making Mead: Tips from the Pros

Looking to try something new? How about making mead, also known as honey wine. Meads come in many different forms, from dry to sweet, with added fruit (melomel), malt (braggot), spices (metheglin)

Making Pear Cider/Perry

Hard cider doesn’t have to be made from apples. Try making a pear cider (perry) this summer!

Enzymes for Hobbyists

When pioneers of winemaking like Louis Pasteur or André Tchelistcheff are mentioned, James B. Sumner is often overlooked. Nonetheless, this Nobel-prize-winning chemist (1946) set in motion the entire scientific field for today’s

Winemaking in the Philippines: Dry Finish

The Philippines are not known for red wines, but there are a small group of winemakers looking to change that using exotic mountain berries.

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